45.00 USD

Package Description

Prefix: Demigod

Discord Role: Demigod


/repair hand - Repair the current item you're holding to full durability

/pweather set - Set your own weather!

/ptime set - Change the time of day for yourself!

/feed - Fill your hunger bar to full (10 Minute Cooldown)

/demigodcolor - Use any color prefix that you would like! Use #fff000Demigod formatting!

10 Homes

Pet Storage Limit: 50


Brewing (15 Day Cooldown)

Sand (5 Day Cooldown)

Redstone (8 Day Cooldown)

One-Time Bonuses:

15 Tag Keys

1 SellStick with 250 Uses

50% McMMO Experience Boost

McMMO Ability Cooldown Thirded