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Package Description

Prefix: God

Discord Role: God


/repair all - Repair all items in your inventory to full durability (3 Hour Cooldown)

/heal - Instantly fill your heatlh and hunger bars (15 Min Cooldown)

/enderchest - Access your enderchest from anywhere

/hdb - Access an extensive head database to obtain custom heads in-game!

/godcolor - Open a menu to change the color of your God prefix in-game!

/nightvision - Toggle permanent night vision

/ase - Create custom armor stands, commands not needed/preferred. Place an armor stand, left/right click on/away from the stand with a flint in main hand to open the editor


Unlimited Homes


Enchantment (5 Day Cooldown)

Beacon (10 Day Cooldown)

Sea (8 Day Cooldown)

One-Time Bonuses:

$250,000 in-game currency

12 Event Keys

8 Tag Keys

3 Skeleton Spawners

1 Zombie Spawner

2 Pig Spawners

1 Sell Stick with Infinite Uses

150% McMMO Experience Boost

McMMO Ability Cooldown Halved